Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Borophyll? More like Chlorophyll.

When I was in college, I knew this girl who would only eat white food. Every day she would fill her tray up with bread, potatoes, and cheese and sit down to a singularly colored meal. It never failed to completely weird me out. First of all, on her plate, nutrients were no where to be found. There were no vitamins, no minerals, nor nearly anything healthy aside from maybe a little calcium. Second, how boring can you be. I love dairy and carbohydrates as much as the next girl, but really, all white is so bland.

When I saw this recipe for a Green Fruit Bowl with Frozen Grapes in August's Martha Stewart Living, it brought me back to the Emmanuel College cafeteria sophomore year. I had to laugh. My college acquaintance would not dare take a second glance at this dish. But for me, this was one monochromatic meal I could get down with. Not only is green my favorite color on the spectrum, but for sure, when it comes to food, green will never been boring.

Green Fruit Bowl with Frozen Grapes (from Martha Stewart Living)

  • 12 ounces green grapes
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup thyme sprigs coarsely chopped
  • 1 green apple
  • 3 kiwifruits, peeled and sliced
  • 2 honeydew melons, balled


Freeze grapes on a rimmed baking sheet for 1 hour. Meanwhile, make the syrup by bringing water and sugar to a simmer in a medium sauce pan, stirring until sugar dissolves. Remove from heat, and add thyme. Let stand, covered, until cooled completely. Strain syrup through a fine sieve and discard solids. Thinly slice apple. Divide apple, kiwifruits, melon, and grapes among 8 bowls. Pour syrup over tops just before serving.


  1. I know someone who won't eat any green food. So weird. I don't discriminate. This fruit bowl sounds delicious!

  2. Ha - I definitely cannot relate to your college acquaintance. I'd love this dish on a warm summer morning (or this past weekend, as the case was in Boston)!

  3. i thought you didnt like thyme?! and i want to know who this mystery girl is... definitely wasnt me... i always had chocolate cake on my plate... :)

  4. Thanks ladies for the prismatic support. Ha. Allie, I'm not a huge fan of thyme, but, in the syrup it wasn't too overpowering. I'm trying to learn to like. Rosemary is still on my shit-list though.