Wednesday, September 7, 2011

West Coast Road Trip - Day 7: Big Sur to LA

We left Big Sur before dawn for our long trip to Los Angeles. We didn't have any planned stops in mind, but there were plenty of places to pull over and look at the ocean

Another cool, cloudy, rainy day on the West Coast, which was a lovely break from the scorching temperatures of Washington, DC.

When we arrived in the city, we decided to grab lunch at Art's Delicatessen in Studio City and head to Greyston Mansion. Greystone Mansion is gorgeous, but I'll warn you, there are multiple rules to making a visit. First and foremost, no picnics in the park. So we ate our giant, meat-tastic sandwiches in the Impala, our home away from home. Next up, no pictures. So I don't have any of the gorgeous grounds, the lovely fountains, or the pretty flowers.

However, I did whip out my phone for a quick photo of the mansion. I know, I know, it was against the rules. But as a huge, completely nerdy, Gilmore Girls fan, I couldn't leave LA without capturing a quick picture of Chilton and the spot where Rory and Dean got back together, even though I never really liked Dean.

Yes, every place in LA doubles as a filming location.

After lunch, we headed to the Warner Brothers Studio in Burbank for a tour recommended by my friend Sarah Murphy-Katz. The tour started in the gift shop, so of course we had to peruse the merchandise. Alex thought about getting some Smallville paraphernalia, but I was more interested in seeing him in this Chuck Bass t-shirt. Somebody save Alex.

Our tour began in the Warner Brothers Studio lot with the Warner Brother water tower and a street that about 4 billion movies have been made on. It's been New York, Chicago, Boston, you name it and they have used it. Soon it will be featured in a movie called Argo starring Ben Affleck. No, we didn't get to see Ben Affleck. Sadly, they were done filming for the day.

The street was also home to the orphanage used in Annie, one of my all time favorite kids movies. Next up was the set of ER, which I never really watched, but still some how remember the ambulance bay pictured here.

Then our tram took us to Warner Brothers "Any Town USA" where we spotted Simon Baker filming The Mentalist. Another show that I don't watch, but hey, celebrity sightings are cool and this was one of the only ones we had in LA.

Remember when I said I was a huge Gilmore Girls fan. Well this is Sookie's House.

Behind it, Lorelai and Rory's which is now used for Pretty Little Liars. I've never seen that show, but I always thought I might like if I were a teenager.

After getting to see lots of outdoor spots, our trusty tour guide, Lenny, brought us in to a few indoor sets. Here is the set of Friends, perfectly preserved for all the fans out there.

Then it was off to the car museum, where we got to see the silver Mercedes from The Hangover, the Lincoln Continental from The Matrix, and the Bat Mobile from Batman Forever.

Of course they were cool, but no where near as cool as getting an up close view of the Nerd Herder from Chuck.

After the car museum, our tour guide took us over to the Chuck set where we got to hang out in the Buy More. Not only am I a huge, Gilmore Girls geek, but I also happen to be a very big fan of Chuck. It was so totally neat to stand on the set and hear the tour guides gush about how wonderful the Chuck cast is, especially Zachary Levi. Apparently, he is super nice and so appreciative of his fans, in particular the ones that work as tour guides at Warner Brothers Studio.

On the way out we got to see Ellen Degeneres' parking spot and spotted James Lesure, another celebrity that I don't really know and have never seen in anything, but again, kind of neat.

After our studio tour, we checked into our hotel, The Farmers Daughter in Fairfax, and met up with my friend Sarah for some LA BBQ at Baby Blues BBQ and then drinks at The Surly Goat. Both of which are worth a visit on any trip to LA. Yum!


  1. Such a fun trip!! Hope you guys had the best first anniversary week ever!

  2. You should've gone to the Sony Pictures lot. They film some pretty famous game shows there. Like Wheel of Fortune and, oh crap what's that other one called? Aaargh, come on brain!

    PS - Did you see Alexis Bledel's forehead? She was probably filming something in NY, but still...

  3. I knew some dude that was on jeopardy once. Before the machines took over.

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