Tuesday, August 16, 2011

North Carolina: A Pig Pickin' Good Time

As most of you know, I am a huge fan of BBQ. I love it. From North Carolina's vinegar based sauces to Texas' dry rubs, I could eat pulled, smoked, barbecued meat by the pound. 

A couple of weekends ago, Alex and I spent a few nights in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina visiting his college friends at the beach. Despite the lack of enthusiasm for leaving the sand, I knew I couldn't make the trip without trying some world famous North Carolina pulled pork.

Our quick internet search of Outer Banks BBQ joints led us to Pigman's Bar B Que in Kill Devil Hills just a short drive from Kitty Hawk. 

The menu looked delicious, so I decided to start with a Yuengling while I mulled my decision over. Pulled pork or smoked chicken? Beef BBQ or St. Louis Ribs? What is a girl to do?

Since the restaurant is called Pigman's, I decided to go with the pulled pork sandwich. I also ordered a side of baked beans, coleslaw, and Alex and I shared some cornbread.

Let me just say, this was one juicy, delicious, pulled pork sandwich. The texture was out of this world, the sauce vinegary with just the right amount of spice, and the bun soft and spongy to catch all the incredible flavor.

The sides were equally good, the beans were sweet, the corn bread soft and not too crumbly, and coleslaw was cool and creamy, although it probably could have had a bit more flavor.

All and all, this market style North Carolina BBQ joint was pretty fantastic in my book. Getting to eat sweet BBQ with Andy, Kim, and Dave wasn't half bad either.

What's your favorite kind of BBQ? Have you been to Pigman's Bar B Que in Kill Devil Hills?


  1. I love BBQ too. Haven't been to North Caroline yet but will definitely seek out a good barbecue place if I do get there sometday!

  2. I went to Ye Olde Ham Shoppe and ordered a beef barbecue sandwich.