Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Smith, the most common surname in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Austrailia

Friday night, a few friends, Alex, and I got together at Smith Commons for dinner and drinks. I had heard a lot of good things about Smith Commons. From the food to the atmosphere, everyone seems to be a buzz about this newbie on the DC restaurant scene.

We arrived a little early, were greeted by a super sweet hostess, and saddled up to the bar for a couple of drinks. Alex tried the new DC Brau, the first District brewed beer and I had a glass of Belle De Jardin sparkling wine. Both were tasty and refreshing.

The bartender was incredibly nice and the atmosphere was comfy and clean. I probably could have spent all evening at the bar, but Andy, Kim, and Kevin arrived and we were seated in a square leather booth in the back of the house.

Our friendly and wonderfully, capable waitress brought over some savory cornbread spiced with pepper and fennel with whipped butter on the side.

Andy, Kim, and Kevin started off with a trout special appetizer, topped with caviar, yogurt, peppers, onions, fennel, and popcorn. Though Alex and I didn't go near it, it looked beautiful and was a big hit with our crowd.

For dinner, I had the roast chicken with sweet potato puree and garlic spinach. The meat literally fell off the bone and was cooked to perfection. The skin was crispy and salty, just the way chicken skin was meant to be. The sweet potato purée was the perfect compliment making the dish savory and sweet.

Kevin had the Angus burger and Fries.

Kim had the Seared Scallops dressed with arugula and a side of macaroni  and cheese with creamy aged manchego.

Alex had the pork duo, a grilled pork tenderloin and a hunk of pork belly topped with white onions and radish chips. It looked delicious and was so rich, he couldn't finish his meal.

Last but not least, Andy had the skirt steak topped with carrots, parsnips, and peppers with a side of smashed fingerling potatoes.

For dessert, we shared a slice of lychee cheese cake topped with raspberries, blueberries, and a candle, since the waitress over heard it was my birthday was earlier this month.

We also shared a bowl of key lime pie mousse topped with raspberry sauce and blackberries. For good measure, I had another glass of champagne, you know since it was near my birthday and all.

We decided it would be nice to grab one more drink at the bar upstairs. Smith Commons actually has two upper floors. The second floor had a beautiful patio with heaters and comfy chairs. The third floor was more empty though with a great view, so we grabbed five seats and one drink turned into two, or three, maybe even four.

We took a few too many pictures, but hey. It was a great night and a spontaneous, happy, last birthday celebration.

All and all Smith Commons gets an A+, the only downside to this evening, a fairly long car ride home to the center of the city as H Street and 13th NE is way out there for us. If only this diamond in the rough was a little closer to our neck of the woods, we would probably make the bar a frequent week day happy hour spot.


  1. That roast chicken is calling my name. The skin looks so crispy!

  2. "..the only downside to this evening, a fairly long car ride home to the center of the city as H Street and 13th NE is way out there and not in the prettiest of neighborhoods, despite the beautiful view from the third floor."

    Perhaps you should move to Capital Hill.

  3. Thanks Rayful.

    Capital Hill is a beautiful neighborhood, maybe some day. If only there was a closer Metro stop to Smith Commons or an easy bus route from where I live. Distance between me, and these sweet eats, are the only downside to Smith Commons. It's an A+ establishment!

  4. Erin -

    X2 Bus goes from downtown through Chinatown and down H street. 15 minutes from Chinatown to Smith Commons.

  5. Thanks so much! That would help me avoid a cab ride from the Gallery/Chinatown Metro station, although it's still a hike for me to get down there too.

    It's not that Smith Commons is "out of the way." It's that it's out of the way for me from both where I live and where I work. Either way, I'll be back someday! Loved it.