Thursday, April 14, 2011

Enter as Strangers, Leave as Friends

A few months ago I remember reading a glowing review of Kellari Taverna in New York City from Just Add Cheese. Their food looked delicious and authentic. I was super excited to check out their DC location once we settled into the city.

Alex and I decided to stop in one Saturday afternoon and check out their brunch specials. We decided to order from the mezedes menu, since I'm not a huge fan of breakfast food, or rather eggs. We had a hard time deciding between the many delicious looking menu options such as crispy eggplant and zucchini chips with tzatziki or beef and lamb keftedes.

We started with two glasses of Assyrtiko, toasted bread and olive oil, radishes, hummus, and olives. A tasty snack to hold us over until our mezedes arrived at our table. The hummus and olives were our favorites but the radishes were a nice touch. The bread, was well bread. A little bland and made me wish we had been given soft, chewy pita.

The first dish that arrived at our table was the spanikopita, filo pies with spinach, leeks, and feta. They were crispy and flaky with just the right mix of spinach and filo.

Next we shared a Greek Salad, with tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, peppers, and feta. It was fresh and served exactly as they would in Greece.

Lastly, the katsikisio arrived at our table. A warm skillet of baked goat cheese apricots, almonds, and Greek honey. It was heaven. Sweet, cheesy, crunchy, it doesn't get much better than this. It was filling and left no cravings for dessert.

Kellari Taverna was tasty and sharing lunch was romantic and fun. There was one major downside though, the price. I don't usually comment on the price of meals that I review. I understand that fancy, delicious food comes with a price and I am more than happy to pay it. I love eating, no matter the cost. However, our lunch at Kellari Taverna cost over $70 for three small plates and two glasses of the house white wine. Though the food was tasty, the price was prohibitive, so we probably won't return when there are so many other fantastic Greek restaurants in the city.


  1. This looks amazing! Looks like you ordered everything I would have. I will have to look this place up (when I have some extra cash) Great review.

  2. That Greek salad looks incredible! That does sound a little pricey for lunch though. Maybe it can be a special occasion spot.

  3. Kellari is very close to my office. I've been wanting to try it, but for that price tag, may have to reconsider :)

  4. yikes, thats a strain on the wallet!! But everything looks so authentic, i love greek food!!!