Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Home Sweet Home: Update

In the last couple of weeks I've started getting a few questions from family and friends. They keep wondering when we are going to post pictures of our DC apartment since we moved in. Though we aren't quite finished with all of the decorating, we are at least somewhat ready to show the world.

So, this is where we live.

When you come into our apartment you are in the front hallway. On the way to the bedroom, you pass our very official looking mail center. Notice the hundreds of pens neatly organized in our orange Erin and Alexander cups. Very professional. We've also got some beautiful art, my favorite piece designed by Allison of Fraske Designs hanging on our wall.

Just past the mail center is our bathroom. It is newly painted in celery sticks green and colorfully decorated in an attempt to mask it's true locker room identity. 

Next up is our bedroom where I have a lovely view from my sewing corner.

And here's our bedroom from the other side. Notice the two teddy bears in the bottom right hand corner of the TV cart. Yep, those are Alex and my first stuffed animals. Also notice our ancient TV that we don't use. It's pretty much just there for decoration.

Head back down the hallway in the other direction and you'll be standing in our living room and dining room. Other than quite a few lamps, the only big purchase we've made in our new apartment was a hutch for all of our fun Fiestaware.

Next to the dinning room is our newly decorated and painted kitchen.

We painted the insides of all of the cabinets white, added new silver knobs to the outsides, and this weekend, Alex painted the room Feather Gold and Moondance while I watched Burlesque and organized recipes.

Hope you enjoyed your tour! Please feel free to plan your visit to come see it in person.


  1. Love what you've done to the kitchen!! You'll have to show everyone your living room next time - I am a big fan of the chair you guys have in the corner.

  2. Oh my! I love the tour of your apartment!! Your view is beautiful--and I'm incredibly jealous of your green KitchenAid! I've decided when I get one, it's going to be bright red :)

  3. Love the apartment! It looks so nice and cozy!

  4. Thanks ladies! We are still settling in, but it's getting there. A few more weeks and maybe we'll have curtains on the windows and everything!

  5. It's a great apt--both in person and in pictures! I agree that the chair in the corner is super cute and the hutch is awesome.

  6. Very impressive! Your kitchen looks beautiful!