Thursday, March 17, 2011

Finding Farmers in Washington DC

It sounds totally cliché, but I love double dating. It really is so much fun. The guys can talk about robots, or whatever it is that they talk about when I'm not listening. That leaves the girls to talk about the food and get updates on each others lives, which is much more interesting to me that computer code. It works out pretty well for everyone at the table.

This weekend, Alex and I went on a double date with our friends, and former roommates, Andy and Kim. Kim suggested Founding Farmers a modern American, comfort food restaurant, located just 3 blocks west of the White House. The menu was intriguing and very similar to my favorite restaurant in New England, Henrietta's Table.

Pretty photo borrowed from Nourished Kitchen

When we arrived at Founding Farmers we were immediately greeted by a lovely hostess who whisked us to our table upstairs and got us seated in no time flat. I love the ability to make a reservation, because the entrance to Founding Farmers was packed, bustling multiple groups hoping to get a table sometime that evening.

The restaurant is absolutely gorgeous. Decorated in rustic but elegant furnishings to make the environmentally friendly building look like a cross between a farm house and a loft apartment. The soft leather booths and the cotton covered light fixtures gave a great juxtaposition between urban and rural. My only one complaint was the large wooden chairs could have used some cushioning if you are planning to take your time eating and drinking the night away.

We grabbed our seats and picked cocktails from the sprawling drink menu, which included Prohibition Era cocktail like a Dark and Stormy and Famers Favorites like Grandma's Black Berry Sour. Though the drinks took longer to arrive at our table than the appetizers, they were delicious and so strong that some of us couldn't finish our picks. But I'm not pointing fingers, Alex.

Gorgeous photo borrowed from DC-Wrapped Dates

Of the meal, the appetizers were totally the star. We started with an order of Fried Green Tomatoes which came with a side of herbed goat cheese and thick, creamy green goddess dressing. In a word, Yum.

Beautiful photo borrowed from Founding Farmers

Then we moved on to the cornbread. Truly delicious, especially slathered in sweet honey butter. Alex couldn't get enough. 

Beautiful photo borrowed from Founding Farmers

Lastly, we shared a prosciutto, fig, and marscapone flat bread which was buttery and delicious.

Beautiful photo borrowed from Founding Farmers

For our meals, Kim got the extremely tasty looking Southern Pan-Fried Chicken which came with gravy, waffles, and macaroni and cheese. Andy got the Frisco burger, smothered in white cheddar, avocado, bacon, and Louie Dressing. Alex got the Long Roasted Pork Prime Rib Chop. And, I got the Yankee Pot Roast. As stuffed as I was off of the appetizers, I didn't taste any of the other meals, so I can only provide an opinion on my own. 

The mashed potatoes were delicious. The gravy was perfectly paired for the pot roast and the potatoes. The pot roast was fork-tender, but a little rich and fatty for my liking. The root vegetables, which I was denied the opportunity to switch out for the Maple Whiskey Brussels Sprouts, were not fully cooked. They were still pretty crunchy and could have used another 20 minutes in the oven. Not to mention, root vegetables and mashed potatoes are a lot of starch for one plate. Lastly, speaking of the composition of the plate, I now understand what Tom Colicchio means when he tells chefs that there is way too much going on with their dishes. My dish was about 8 inches tall and completely covered in mounds of fried onions. All and all the meal was satisfying, but could use a few nips and tucks to make it perfection.

Would I go back, definitely. Will I be getting the pot roast again, probably not, because I hear really great things about their Chicken Pot Pie. Next time!


  1. Wait, Alex couldn't finish his drink?! Never! We miss double dating you guys - but, since we do have an open relationship, I'm glad you're getting out there. This dinner looks sooo tasty!

  2. It was seriously the strongest drink I've ever had in my life. I'd order it again and maybe finish it.