Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pizza, or rather beer, paradise

A few years ago, Alex and I visited DC for Christmas. While we were here, he introduced me to his friend Kiernan. Kiernan met up with us in Georgetown and we hit up this little pizza place called Pizzeria Paradiso at her suggestion.

What we remembered is that they had decent pizza and great beers. This weekend, we decided to check it out with our friend Allison.

When we arrived we were greeted with olives and an extensive beer menu, most of which we did not recognize. The beer list was extremely descriptive, so we had no trouble picking out what we wanted. However, when the waiter arrived, they were out of two of our top choices, so we blindly chose whatever we were told was available.

Between the three of us we tried The Bruery Mischief, the Southern Tier Old Man Winter, the Scaldis Noel, and De Struise Ignes et Flamma (pictured above). 

The Bruery Mischief was a hoppy Belgian-style golden strong ale weighing in at 8.5% alcohol. As huge fans of Souther Tier, it was great to taste their version of a winter warmer. It was caramel flavored, but not too sweet with a hint of bitterness. The Scaldis Noel was a delicious Christmas beer with hints of orange, and it totally packed a punch at 12% alcohol.  Last but not least was the De Struise Ignes et Flamma, which was interestingly described as Belgium's version of a west coast IPA. Why Belgium thinks they would ever have to compete with the US when it comes to beer astounds me, but at any rate, this beer was fantastic!

For dinner we ordered Insalata Mista, a fresh salad of greens and balsamic vinaigrette, a large Paradiso (pictured above), which we ordered with whole wheat crust and spinach, and a small Quattro Formaggi (pictured below), a medium crust pizza topped with pecorino, fontina, gorgonzola, mozzarella, parsley, and garlic.

The pizza was tasty. Chewy and heavy on the crust, which is how I like pizza. I especially liked the Quatro Fromaggio, but was happy with the Paradiso too!

All and all, the meal was definitely more about the beverages than it was the food. The pizza was good, but Pizzeria Paradiso's shining achievement is their beer list. Definitely check it out if you happen to be in Georgetown, or at one of their other locations in Dupont Circle or Old Town Alexandria, Virginia.


  1. Let's go here when I visit! I am loving the pics from your new camera :)

  2. Okay! Thanks!! I know. They are so much clearer. I need to really look through your photos though and learn how to plate. Your photos always come out so beautiful!