Monday, January 3, 2011

Home, sweet, new home

Happy New Year! Alex and I have officially arrived in DC. It's hard to believe that we don't live in Boston anymore. There are so many things to do from updating our friends, to updating our Groupon. Slowly, but surely, we are working our way down the list. But first, say hello to our new life in DC:

For the short term, we are staying with our awesome friends, Andy and Kim, while we search for our very own apartment. They live in a super cute house that is way large compared to our old apartment. We've had to play marco polo a few times to find one another. Can you say giant kitchen, check! Too bad all my good cookware is in storage, boo!

Home, sweet, new, temporary home

We decided that we'd had enough action in our lives lately, so for New Years Eve, we visited Alex's parents in the woods of north western Maryland. It was a low key, however, there was fried chicken and a brand new puppy to play with.


New Years Day we went to Georgetown for dinner at Paradiso Pizzeria (my first DC restaurant to review -- coming soon!) with our friend Allie, who was so sweet and helped us move. Let me just say that we have wonderful friends. Allie spent 9 hours stuffed in the back of our tiny VW Rabbit holding a bag on her lap. She is the best friend in the world. 

Allie & Erin in Georgetown

Then, try as we might to lock Allie in the basement, we had to say "so long" and bring her to the airport Sunday morning. After dropping Allie off we went for a little drive around the capitol to try to cheer ourselves up.

Alex driving, me navigating!

We checked out neighborhoods from Eastern Market to Cleveland Park and wrote down about 50 apartment buildings to research. We also found that you can drive right on up to the White House, Washington Monument, and the Capitol Building. Sunday mornings are great.

Hello Congress!

Then, we spent the rest of the day unpacking and getting our lives in order. 

And polishing off a large bottle of Cavit Pinot Noir!

So there is a little update and a look into our first weekend in DC. A Nesting Experience: DC Edition is up and almost back in full force and I promise lots of recipes, reviews, crafts, and nesting experiences to come.

Do you know of any cool DC blogs? Have any cool DC friends? Know any good restaurant recommendations? Let me know!


  1. I miss you!! And I hate not seeing your car outside your (old) apartment when I take Sadie to the park... BUT I'm glad things are slowly coming together. Let the countdown to Feb 5 begin! xoxo

  2. Some good DC blogs listed here:

    So excited you're close. Let's get together soon!