Friday, November 12, 2010

Metropolis Cafe to the rescue

So this is, unfortunately, a two in one restaurant review. Last night, Alex and I decided to finally check out The Beehive, a wildly popular bohemian eatery in Boston's South End. Everyone we know has been there and loved it. We were so excited to go as we had been given a gift certificate to The Beehive for our wedding. We had an 8pm reservation, figuring we'd get to have a little jazz over drinks and then a relaxing, romantic dinner and dessert.

Unfortunately, relaxing and romantic are not exactly how things ended up. The restaurant is beautiful and the atmosphere is eclectic and interesting. The hostess was helpful and we were seated right away. Then the jazz began. We were not seated all that close to the stage, but the music was so loud, that it's no wonder our food did not come out as ordered. We started with a Caesar salad, which I came as a head of Romaine drenched in dressing. Artsy I suppose, but extremely difficult to cut up and eat when your table is a shaky, two-foot square with four glasses and four plates on it. Next, we got our burgers, which were drenched in mayo and topped with onions that were annoyingly melted into the cheddar top. Onions and mayo are two things neither Alex nor I can/will eat. We tried our best to remove the unwanted condiments, but the waitress nicely offered to have the burgers remade. However, when the burgers came back out again smothered in mayo, we decided to call it a night. We asked for our check, threw down some cash for a tip, and dashed as quickly as we could. The manager was sweet and offered us a gift certificate to return, but I think we have had our fill.

Still starving from only sharing a Caesar Salad appetizer, Alex and I headed across the street and up the block to Metropolis Cafe. After our unsuccessful dinner at The Beehive, we weren't sure we were up for another adventure, but were talked into it by one of the chefs while looking at the menu. Relaxing and romantic are exactly the words I would use to describe this restaurant and bar. It is cozy and quiet, with low lighting and friendly staff. I had a delicious risotto with slow braised beef and brown butter, and Alex had a filling rigatoni carbonara with sausage. We were too stuffed to try dessert, but definitely plan to go back in the future because the dessert wines alone looked amazing.

All and all we still had a good time, filled with quite a few laughs, and I suppose The Beehive gets credit for helping Alex and I find a delicious meal at Metropolis Cafe. Maybe we'll go back someday for brunch or just drinks, but unfortunately, we did not have the incredible culinary experience we were expecting from all of the raves.

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