Monday, October 4, 2010

You've come to see the wonders of Crete, let me show you

After our wedding, Alex and I jetted off to the Greece for our honeymoon. The trip was the adventure of a lifetime and we had lots of fun. To celebrate, this week is Honeymoon Week on A Nesting Experience. Get ready for some delicious recipes and reviews of our favorite spots. To kick off the week, here is a little overview of our trip!

After a plane, a taxi, a bus, and a ferry, we started our trip in Skopelos, an island in the north Aegean Sea. Although it was a bit of a schelp, Skopelos was beautiful and completely charming.

We started the first day of our trip, with our first real taste of Greek food in Skopelos Town. It was absolutely the freshest fare I've had in my life. At almost every meal we had Greek salad and saganaki. After lunch, we decided to go for a hike up Mount Palouki, which had some amazing views, beautiful monasteries, and lots of mountain goats.

On the second day we took a trip to Glossa, the other town on Skopelos. After lunch at Agnanti Restaurant, we grabbed a taxi to Agios Ioannis chapel. According to legend, there is no record of when the chapel was built, just that one night a resident had a dream that he was to search for an icon at the top of the cliff. The whole community of the island began to carve steps into the side of the cliff till they reached the top. There, they found the Agios Ioannis icon. They transported the icon to a nearby chapel, but the next day discovered that it had disappeared and was found back at the top of the cliff. So, they decided to build a chapel on the site because they believed that the saint wished to be there. The church then became famous, when Mamma Mia was filmed there in 2007.

The next day we left Skopelos, headed back to Athens, and then on an over night ferry to Santorini, probably the most famous of the Greek islands. It was stunning; white buildings with blue dome ceilings, built along the cliffs of the caldera.

Our first day in Santorini we hiked Skaros, saw lots of donkeys, had a fancy dinner at Aris, and watched the sunset over Kameni.

Our second day on Santorini, we visited the ancient city of Thira, had lunch on Kamari beach, and then, we went to Art Space. Part winery, part art gallery, and part cultural center, Art Space was my favorite stop on the trip

Our last day in Santorini was spent in Oia and that evening we headed to Crete where we spent the night in Heraklion. Then next day we headed off to Elounda, stopping first for lunch in Kritsa and swinging by the Panagia Kera, an old Byzantine church. The Panagia Kera was the main attraction that we came to see in Greece. My favorite movie of all time is The Moon-Spinners, a little known Hayley Mills movie from the 1960s. Many scenes from the movie are filmed in the church, whose interior walls are brilliantly covered in frescoes. The movie always made me want to visit Greece and see the wonders of Crete for myself (without the fear of being locked in a windmill!)

The next two days on Crete were spent visiting the uninhabited Chrissy Island, searching for the sunken city of Olos, and hiking around the Elounda Bay before heading back to Athens.

We spent our one and only day in Athens, wandering around the Plaka, visiting the Acropolis, and relaxing at our hotel before our long trip home.

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  1. Looks like such a great trip! Looking forward to the recipes :)