Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Global Champagne Day

Of all the wines in the world, Champagne is a true favorite. If it's on the menu by the glass, I order it. If someone is up for sharing a bottle, I'm in.

Some people believe in saving Champagne for a special occasion, I am not one of those people. Or, maybe I just like celebrating any time I can. If you are one of those people though, here is a reason to celebrate: today is Global Champagne Day! So pop a bottle, pour yourself a glass, and have a little fun. I'm sure you deserve it.

To find out more about Champagne, click here. For more information on Global Champagne Day, click here.

Photo by Lisa Rigby Photography.


  1. Ha - do you have any Martini and Asti leftover?! I'll gladly pop a bottle with you if you ever need a champagne buddy!

  2. I do! Like 3 bottles. Let's do it. Whenever you need a drink. Come over and we'll share a bottle. If only it were going to be like today every day and we could share one on the roof deck!