Wednesday, February 24, 2010

If there's a mic to be rocked, I will throw the first stone

The 2 Skinnee Js have been my favorite band for a long time. I haven't been a fan quite as long as Alex, and I don't have any 2SJ tattoos to show you, but I do love them. They rock hard.

Every year we wait and hope that they are going to play a reunion show.

2010 may be a good year! Right now, a few of the Js are on tour playing acoustic shows on the east coast. Word on the street is they may be back this summer with a few full band concerts.

The idea of playing acoustic is an interesting concept for a band that categorizes themselves as nerdcore, geek rock and includes a keytar player. They make it work though, even without my favorite, J. Guevara. That being said, it will be so sweet if they are back in action this summer with a rock tour.

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