Thursday, January 21, 2010

What we need is a luminous veil

Two summers ago, Alex and I went on a trip to San Francisco.

Besides London, San Francisco was my favorite city that we have visited. It has so much personality, the people were so unique, and the weather was perfect. We had such a great time. Probably my favorite thing in San Francisco was the Golden Gate Bridge. It is massive, awe inspiring, and I took about 1 million pictures of it from every high point we visited in the city.

Last weekend, Alex and I rented The Bridge. The Bridge is a documentary about the countless number of people that travel across the country to end it all at the Golden Gate bridge.

I realize that this sounds very depressing and it was. Beautiful scenery aside, the movie was hard to watch. That being said, the movie was a sort of tribute to the lives of 24 individuals who died at the hands of mental illness and 1 that survived the 245 foot drop in 2004. I wouldn't recommend the film to everyone, but it was interesting to see. Although, afterward I had to change my computer desktop from this to this.

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