Thursday, January 28, 2010

Remember the time we realized "Thriller" was our favorite song

Anytime Alex and I go up to Porter Square, we always make it a point to have dinner at Christopher's

It's a super cute little place, with lots of exposed brick, a giant fire place, and a great menu. The food is made with 100% natural ingredients and they have lots of local beers on tap. This sounds like a rave review and it should because on paper Christopher's sounds great. That being said, on a few occasions we've had a less than desirable experience there.

Some things on the menu are great. The veggie burgers are excellent, the turkey club is great, and I had a vegetable pizza there once that was fantastic. Salads are kind of eh and the burgers aren't always cooked to order, although I would say that probably boils down to the kind of shoddy service, rather than an issue with the food. The service is in a word so-so. Sometimes you get good service, sometimes your waiter forgets that he or she has customers. The atmosphere is great at first glance. However the tables are so close together in some sections you have to wedge yourself in between your table and the back of another customer's chair. Additionally, some spots in the restaurant are so cold you have to keep your winter coat on through the meal, while other times you get stuck 6 inches from the blazing fire place.

All and all I would say it's a hit or miss kind of place, but hey, I guess we haven't totally learned our lesson yet because we go back every once in awhile hoping for a hit.

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