Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

I love our first Christmas tree. It was so fun picking it out and decorating it. Its little pink lights add a nice ambiance to the room. However, it is still looking a little bare since it is our first Christmas living together.

On Saturday afternoon, Kristina and I got together and made some ornaments to add a little more sparkle to our tree's branches.

Beaded Snowflake Ornaments
  • 16 corsage pins with pearl ends
  • Crystal-like beads in desired shapes and sizes
  • 1 small cork
  • Iridescent white glitter paint pen
  • Silver Monofilament thread
  1. Cut the cork, so it is about 1/4 inch thick.
  2. Cover the cork using glitter paint pen. Allow to dry. Apply a second coat, if necessary, and let dry.
  3. Place beads on 1 corsage pin in desired order, leaving the last 1/4 inch without beads.
  4. Make 3 more beaded pins using the same arrangement.
  5. Make another set of 4 beaded pins, using a different arrangement.
  6. Make an additional set of 8 beaded pins.
  7. With the round side of the cork laying on the work surface, poke one beaded pin into the cork, like a spoke of a wheel.
  8. Place a matching beaded pin opposite the first.
  9. Place the remaining two opposite each other, between the first set.
  10. Using the remaining set of 4 matching pins, poke each into the cork, slightly closer to the top of the cork and alternating with the first set of four.
  11. With the remaining 8 pins, place 1 beaded pin into the center of the side of the cork. Put three other pins around this one angled in toward the center.
  12. Repeat on the other side.
  13. To hang, cut a desired length of monofilament and tie to one spoke of the snowflake.

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  1. This will look so amazing then in our gardens, I will make this for my baby's birthday party to make my garden look more beautiful. Thank you so much.