Monday, November 2, 2009

I scream with disappointment

Yesterday was a very sad day in Cambridge. After 27 years of in Harvard Square, Herrell's Ice Cream closed their doors to make way for a mid-priced, casual restaurant. They had the best ice cream in the city by far and it's going to be very difficult to find a replacement.

Case and point, a trip to Christina's Ice Cream in Inman Square.

Christina's is a cute little ice cream shop on the corner of Cambridge Street and Prospect Street a few doors down from Bukowski's. Like Herrell's, they too make their ice cream on site and have lots of flavors and treats like milk shakes and sundaes. Unfortunately, these are where the similarities end.

Neither Alex nor I were impressed with our desserts: chocolate ice cream in a sugar cone for him, Oreo frozen yogurt in a cup for me. Neither tasted like much and my Oreo looked kinda like his chocolate. It was very strange. Not even one chunk of Oreo goodness. Just the essence of Oreo blended completely together with the ice cream. It was very disappointing.

With bad experiences at JP Licks and Christina's, we may have to start driving out to Richardson's whenever we need a fix!

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