Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sunday's on the phone to Monday, Tuesday's on the phone to me

I really feel like curtains are one of those things that really make an apartment feel like a home. So in our final push to finish our apartment up, I decided to make curtains for all of our windows.

These curtains were super easy to make. Start by measuring your windows so that you'll know what size your curtains need to be. Our windows were 37" wide by 51" tall. We chose our curtain rods and estimated we would need about a 2" tube and we wanted about a 2" ruffle at the top.

Now it's time to measure and cut your fabric! Here is the formula that we used for each panel: 37" wide + 1" hem + 1" hem = 39" and 51" tall + 2.5" hem + 4.5" hem.

Start by hemming both of the long sides of your fabric. Lay each side flat with the back of your fabric facing up, fold over 0.5" and iron. Fold over 0.5" again, iron, pin, and sew.

Next, pick which end will be the top of your curtain. Lay your fabric flat, front side down. Fold over 0.5" and iron. Fold over 4" and iron, pin, and sew.

Next, you'll create your ruffle and the tube for your curtain rod by top stitching a straight line 2" above your hem.

Next, lay your fabric flat, wrong side facing up and hem the bottom of your curtain. Fold over 0.5" and iron. Fold 2" iron, pin, and sew.

And there you have it: beautiful custom made curtains! We also decided to add some decorative and functional ties to keep them open. Start by cutting 2 strips of fabric 6" wide x 15" tall.

Hem both of the short ends of each piece. Lay your fabric flat, wrong side up, fold 0.5" and iron. Fold 0.5" again, iron, pin, and sew.

Then, lay your fabric right side up and fold in half so that your right sides are together. Pin the edge where your two sides meet and sew together.

Turn your ties inside out and iron flat.

Ta da! So homey.

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