Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Don't stop me now. I'm having such a good time.

Across the street from the Chelsea Star, is our favorite New York City bar, The Molly Wee.

The Wee is a cozy little Irish pub with Yuengling on tap and clean bathrooms. Yep, it's the perfect. Or, well, at least it is for us. Bring your dollars because it also has a great jukebox filled with Van Morrison, Queen, James, the Pixies, and AC/DC. It's just a good old Irish bar with Irish bartenders and a friendly crowd. Despite it's close proximity to the Garden, it's not exactly a sports bar, though, you are almost always sure to find a Manchester United or a Yankees game on.

The only thing that could be a little better is the food. Greasy bar fare that's great after a night of drinking, but not the best for dinner before settling up to the bar for the night. There are plenty of great restaurants in NYC though, so get dinner else where and then head to the Wee for a good beer.

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