Thursday, August 27, 2009

Higher Standards. Yea. Okay.

Bank of America is kind of a jerk.

About 2 months ago, I decided to open a checking account at BOA because Alex and I picked BOA for our joint accounts. I loved Citizens Bank and I was sad to go, but BOA just made more sense. It's a national bank. Alex has never had any problems with them. Their website is pretty good. We thought, this should be easy. We were wrong

I have had problems every step of the way. From them misspelling my name, twice, to at one point having a different address attached to each account. They've sent me 3 pin numbers and 3 check cards, which to date I've only received 1 card and no pin numbers. I've been on hold at least 3 times for more than 45 minutes and I've been disconnected twice. I've talked to about 20 different people and while most of them have been nice, almost all of them have been completely incompetent.

It's been a bit of a nightmare. So I wrote a letter, cause what else can you do, and of course, no one at BOA cares cause I haven't gotten any response and they still continue to treat me like crap.

But just for the record, BOA, you can go F yourself.

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