Monday, July 27, 2009

Today is a lovely day to run

This coming weekend, Alex and I are finally moving in to our new apartment! We can't wait. Alex calls it moving to the suburbs because we won't be right in Central Square anymore. I think it's pretty funny because we are moving a whole 5 blocks from our current apartment.

Moving is always overwhelming and stressful, but it's also very exciting. Making a new place our home, decorating it together the way we want it, and I'm particularly excited about getting all of my things out of storage. I've missed my Magic Bullet and my Cupcake Courier like you wouldn't believe.

We are almost ready to go, we spent this past weekend packing, staining all of our new furniture, and painting our chairs to match our table. I can't wait to feature all of our handy work once we have room to take pictures of the final products. Our apartment is quite a mess at the moment.

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  1. How is the Magic Bullet? I've thought about getting one but questioned it's quality and durability.