Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Shot Through the Heart

Everyone that has seen the infomercial on late night TV knows that the Magic Bullet has a pretty unfortunate name. However, it's still a fantastic kitchen appliance, especially if you sometimes cook meals just for yourself or are part of the "dinner for two" crowd.

This summer, while I've been living with Alex in his apartment, I've had to do without my superfluous kitchen appliances. My Magic Bullet blender is one of the things I have missed the most. It doesn't chop as well as the infomercial would have you believe, but it does do a fantastic job of blending. Whether it be individual smoothies, pancake batter for two, or quick and easy single serving pasta sauces, the Magic Bullet is a whiz at whipping up meals for a small crowd. It's also great for apartment kitchens because it really does only take up the amount of counter space that a coffee cup would!

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