Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's a beautiful day

The Field is Central Square's version of an Irish pub. Its got a respectable beer list, Irish paraphernalia all over the walls, and they play a lot of U2.

When Alex first moved to Central Square, we used to hit up The Field quite a bit. It's a cozy and inviting place, especially in the winter, with a friendly, eclectic crowd. The Field is best on a weekday when you can sit and relax with friends for some time. Weekends are a bit more rowdy and often times the music is so loud you can't hear the person shouting next to you. The staff is nice, but a little slow with drinks and they make you pay up after each round, even if you are sitting at a table. Be prepared to keep your wallet out as it is a cash only establishment.

All and all, The Field is a nice little place to meet up with friends and grab a Magners with ice. A new favorite, after last night!

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