Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I found love in the spring and I did not lose a thing

Our little garden has grown considerably since Alex brought Georgia home for our anniversary back in May. She has been joined by a echeveria, an orange star, and some other kind of succulent (a birthday gift from Allie!)

At first, it looked a little sad. The orange star just up and died completely, both succulents lost some leaves, and Georgia shed all of her pretty pink flowers. I thought they were all done for!

Things started looking up a few weeks ago though when Allie's plant started to bloom into these gorgeous flower like leaves. Then, I poked around in Georgia's leaves and saw that she has some new flower buds. Then yesterday, I noticed something really exciting. Our dead orange star, who I've just kept watering in hopes of a resurrection, sprouted a bright green leaf up from the dirt!

Maybe there is still hope for my little plants. I bet they can't wait to move either. They'll have their own little roof deck in the new place with lots of sun!

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