Friday, July 17, 2009

I does this cause I love this

On one of our first dates, Alex and I were sitting at the Silhouette Lounge in Allston, drinking beers, and talking about our favorite music. I told him that I really liked this band called the 2 Skinnee J's, but that they had broken up and he probably hadn't heard of them. He looked at me and said, "the 2 Skinnee J's are my favorite band."

I knew then that it was meant to be. So last summer, when Alex and I decided to move in together this summer, we bought ourselves our first housewarming present: the 2SJ's Big Green Book. Not exactly the most practical purchase, but it was something we both really wanted.

The Big Green Book features 6 Discs (5 Audio CDs + 1 DVD) and a 200+ page full-color book detailing a J by J story of all the drama. The discs include all of the 2SJ's music, dozens of unreleased, live, and rare bonus tracks.

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