Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Your mom is a hot plate

Alex and I were in need of some new potholders. Over the weekend we made a trip to JoAnn Fabrics to get some supplies for a project that we are working on, and I thought I'd pick up some Insul-Bright (heat resistant cotton batting) so I could try this great tutorial for Simple Quilted Potholders. Since they are made from mostly fabric scraps, these potholders were not only simple, but also affordable! My kind of craft.

Simple Quilted Potholder (from Craftzine by Jenny Ryan)
  • 4 strips of light to medium-weight cotton fabric, each measuring 9"×2.75"
  • 9"×9" piece of light to medium-weight cotton fabric
  • 9"×9" piece of cotton quilt batting
  • 9"×9" piece of Insul-Bright
  • 4"–5" length of ribbon


Place one strip of fabric right side up at the edge of the 9"×9" square of quilt batting. Place a second strip of fabric upside down on top of the first strip (so right sides are together) and pin. Sew along the inside edge of the fabric strip (leaving a 1/4 seam allowance), then flip open and press flat with an iron. Place a third strip of fabric right side down on top of the second strip you sewed and pin into place. Repeat the same sewing and pressing and repeat with the fourth fabric strip, so that the entire square of quilt batting is covered in stitched-down fabric strips.

Place the 9"×9" square of fabric right side up on top of the Insul-Bright square.

Place the patchwork square fabric side down on top of this stack, so that the fabric squares are facing each other (right sides together.)
Take your ribbon and fold in half, creating a loop. Insert the rounded end of the ribbon into one corner of the fabric strap so that it faces in, with the raw ends sticking outside of the square.

Pin around all edges of the square, then sew around all edges of the potholder,
leaving a 3" opening for turning the potholder inside out.

Tuck the unsewn edge under and pin. Press the potholder flat and then topstitch through all layers, about 1/8" from the outer edge using a contrasting thread. This will close up the opening from as well as provide a nice decorative look. Continue topstitching through all layers of the potholder in any pattern you like — I did straight lines, feel free to go nuts though!

And now Alex will hopefully never burn his fingers again pulling the pizza stone out of the oven!

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