Thursday, June 25, 2009

When the sun shines, we'll shine together

Having only had 4 days of sun this month so far in Massachusetts, my little red umbrella has been working over time. A couple of days ago, it finally gave way to the downpours and the wind and the fabric pulled away from one of the spokes. Reluctant not to give up and throw it away, I decided to try to repair it using this tutorial from Burdastyle.

First, with your umbrella down, find the offender. Thread your needle with heavy-duty coat & button thread.

Insert your needle into the edge seam hem, as shown.

Pass the needle through the hole in the spoke of your umbrella.

Give another stitch on the opposite side, just through the hem. Now, go back through the spoke hole again, and repeat.

Knot the end of your thread very close to the fabric. Repeat for strength. Open your umbrella and go out in the rain!

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