Tuesday, June 23, 2009

When it's springtime down in Georgia, it's wintertime up in Maine

The rainy Boston weather has us all dreaming of warm summer temperatures. Especially our plant Georgia, who is not a fan of the cold and dreary days we've been having. She's still alive and doing well, but would be a lot happier with some sunshine!

To make her look a little cheerier, I decided to make her a cute Reversible Flowerpot Wrap. It won't keep her warm, but at least she'll look a little more tropical or girlie, depending on my mood.

Reversible Flowerpot Wrap (From So September, by Corinne)
  • Printed pattern (this pattern is for a 4" flowerpot)
  • Two 8" x 5" pieces of fabric of your choice
  • Two 6" pieces of ribbon

Pin pattern to one piece of fabric and cut to fit the pattern. Repeat with second piece of fabric until you have 2 pieces of fabric in the shape of the pattern

Match the pieces of fabric up, right sides together. Pin each piece of ribbon between the two pieces of fabric in the position noted on the pattern. About 5.5" of each ribbon should be inside, between the two pieces of fabric, and about half an inch should stick out at each end. Pin the two fabric pieces together all the way around.

Stitch around the edge of the two fabric pieces leaving a 2" opening. Turn the wrap inside out and iron flat. Top stitch around the entire wrap, closing your opening.

Tie on the wrap and admire how pretty your flowerpot looks!

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