Monday, June 29, 2009

Under the Tuscan sun

Over the weekend, Alex and I bought our first piece of furniture for our new apartment! It's a dining table. We went with an unfinished one, so that we could make it one of a kind. Alex talked me into yellow, which I now love, and we are thinking about painting a pattern on it. It's bright, but it works for us. The project took almost the whole weekend to finish with all of the coats and drying time, but it came out really nice.

Next we have to figure out chairs. We are thinking of wooden chairs, stained to match the wood in the apartment, with yellow seats, to match the table. I'm not sure though. Stay tuned!

Sunny Yellow Ingo IKEA table
  • unfinished wood table (ours is called Ingo and it's from IKEA)
  • interior paint primer
  • interior flat paint, in any color of your choosing (ours is California Paint in Tuscan Sun)
  • 2 inch paint brush
  • small paint roller
  • small plastic roller tray
  • drop cloth

Layout your table pieces and decide which sides of each piece need to be painted. You can skip anything on the underside of the table. Mark sides to be painted with a pencil. Lightly sand down the sides of the table that need to be painted and the table legs with a fine grit sandpaper block.

With a paintbrush, paint a coat of primer on the sides of the table that need to be painted and the legs. Let it dry for a few hours.

Using your paintbrush, paint a light coat of paint over the primer. Let dry for a few hours.

Pour a small amount of paint into your plastic roller tray and use a roller for your second coat on the table top to get super smooth and clean lines. Give a second coat to your table legs and other pieces. Wait a few more hours for them all to dry.

Put your table together as instructed by the directions that came with your table and enjoy!


  1. such a fun color! since you've been to my place so many times, you know i do love the color yellow in a home!

  2. LOVE it! I wish Matt loved yellow as much as I do...he follows the traditional guy norm of blues, greens, and browns. :)