Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just a city girl, living for romance

I love living in a city. So does Alex. We both want to live in the city for the rest of our lives. We love being within walking distance of pretty much everything we'd ever need. Sure, a trip to the suburbs is nice every once in awhile, but I wouldn't want to live there.

I feel like there is a lot of pressure from society to get married, buy a house in the suburbs with a white picket fence, and have 2.5 kids. While that does sound like a very nice life, Alex and I are really no where near ready for it. In fact, we aren't sure how much of it we actually really want to ever do. When I start to feel a little panicked about the world's definition of "growing up," I try to celebrate what makes me happy, who I admire, and how I'd like my life to be when I look back on it.

My ideal life would be messy, but fun, with lots of color, kind of like finger painting, full of good beer and long runs. My ideal home would be full of laughter, in a city, Boston, DC, San Francisco, sort of like Emily and Christopher's and sort of like any of the apartments featured on Design Sponge Sneak Peeks, cozy with lots of Allie's art on the walls. My ideal family would be organic, with friends and relatives, multiracial, multifaceted, and lots of fun, one part Ayun Halliday and one part Gilmore Girls. No matter what though, it will be mine and the only other opinion I have to worry about is Alex's cause well, it's his life too!

I hope everyone has that perspective about their own lives. Sometimes I find it kind of hard, but I think it's important to keep in mind what makes you happy and live life your way. Whether it's about nesting, moving to another city, getting married, not getting married, having kids, adopting kids, or moving to the suburbs. Even if it means a few disapproving looks from your crazy Aunt Gerry.

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