Thursday, June 4, 2009

"His and Her" movies

When Alex and I signed up for Netflix a few years ago, we made a deal: we alternate movie choices and we both watch whatever comes, no matter what. Usually, we are both more than happy to watch each other's choices. I actually wanted to see Death Race and I may have picked American Teen, but I'm pretty sure Alex enjoyed it.

That being said, sometimes we don't always agree, which is why our deal works. It's all about compromise! I tend to like what Alex calls "high stakes political dramas" or "typical girlie romantic comedies" and Alex is more of a fan of "campy action movies" or "super off-beat indie flicks." After months of watching fairly neutral choices, I finally got revenge for having to watch Conan the Barbarian by forcing Alex to sit through Bride Wars.

I promise not to spoil the movie for anyone, but it is awful. So extremely bad. I believe that Rotten Tomatoes sums it up nicely by saying "Bride Wars takes the already wearisome concept of battling bridezillas, and makes it thoroughly insufferable via a lazy script and wholly detestable characters." It made me really sad to see women portrayed this way. The movie also genuinely offends the concept of marriage. As if it's all about the big white wedding, and nothing to do with, you know, the rest of your life as a married couple. California should focus on banning movie studios from making movies like this one, instead of banning same-sex couples from marriage. Alex was disgusted as well, but I'm pretty sure that my movie choice only backfired. I think I might have hated it more than he did.

The thing that made me feel better afterward though was seeing this clip from Sesame Street on Perez about what marriage is. Oh! And, reading about NH becoming the 6th state in the US to allow same-sex couples to marry. I love my home state.

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