Thursday, June 11, 2009

Good stitches make good girlfriends

Having an older sister, I was no stranger to hand-me-downs when I was a little kid. Some how my mom always kept our clothes looking good for years and years. Always thrifty and a super crafter, she would mend any holes, fix any tears, and stitch up any hems.

I try to do the same with our clothes now. It's too expensive to buy new stuff over a little tear, and replacing those old band t-shirts can tough to do. Mending is pretty easy, here is how my mom would do it.

  1. Line up the seam and pin the rip closed.
  2. Cut a thin strip of a fabric in a similar weight a little longer than the length of the rip. (I keep a lot of old t-shirt scraps around for this purpose!)
  3. Lay the thin strip of fabric across, covering the length of the hole.
  4. Attach with a simple basting stitch and remove pins carefully.
  5. Get out the sewing machine and, using a tight zigzag stitch, sew the length of the hole.
  6. Trim the reinforcement strip as close to the stitches as possible, and turn the garment right side out.

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