Monday, June 15, 2009

Emmetsburg, Massachusetts

Almost 2 years ago, a few girlfriends of mine from grad school decided that we wanted to make dinner together a monthly occasion. We all wanted to try new restaurants that we'd never been to and we thought, per Jaime's suggestion, that it would be fun to try to pick restaurants based on letters of the alphabet. ABC Dinner was born.

A few months back, Emily, Christopher, Alex and I decided to take the ABC idea and try it with bars. This weekend we hit up Emmet's Pub, located in Boston's Beacon Hill neighborhood.

The reviews of this bar all said the same thing, Emmet's Pub is about the closest thing you are going to come to an authentic Irish Pub in the city of Boston. I've never been to Ireland, but Emmet's definitely reminded me of the pubs Alex and I frequented on our trip to London a few years ago.

Cozy, wood interior with pink, potted plants hanging in open, street-facing windows, make this bar great for summer evenings. The beers were classic Boston pub staples and our waitress was super friendly considering she told us she had been there since 10am. The music was mostly classic rock and we did manage to hear a lot of the songs twice, but they were good so it wasn't annoying. All and all, Alex and I agreed it was another successful ABC bar night out with Emily and Christopher!

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