Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Your daddy's got them Deep Ellum Blues

Since we started dating, back in 2003, Alex and I have pretty much spent at least 4 nights a week at each other’s apartments, usually Alex’s. Most often those 4 nights are Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and one random weeknight. So after I checked my subtenant in on Friday night and we went back to Alex’s to watch T2 and drink a few beers, it was like any other weekend. Monday morning rolled around though and I’m still there, which is super fun. That being said, we have to remember that we live together now and just cause we are hanging out doesn't mean it's the weekend.

Last night we had a few drinks with Emily and Christopher at Deep Ellum. After which Alex and I proceeded to hang out and drink back at the apartment, until 2AM. This morning I woke up to find out that it wasn’t Saturday morning and I had to come to work, slightly hung over, and annoyed that it was only Wednesday. Whoops!

Deep Ellum is a fantastic bar though. It’s super cozy; with exposed brick walls, mahogany bar, and soft candle-like lighting. The seating is limited, but a nice patio in the back gives you a better chance of getting a place to sit in the summer. The beer list is extensive, bordering on slightly pretentious, with 22 drafts and 100 bottles of which I didn’t recognize one beer that I’d ever had before. We didn’t have dinner there, but the menu looked really good, with classic bar favorites like hot dogs, burgers, and bbq chicken. The staff was friendly, helpful, and seemed to have a lot of character. The music was rock and at the perfect volume level for good conversation. The only downside to this gem is its location. Deep Ellum is located at 477 Cambridge Street in Allston. If I still lived in rock city, this bar would probably be my new favorite hang out, but now that I’m over on the other side of the river, I doubt we’ll be back that often. Maybe in a few years, with a little luck, they’ll open a second bar in Cambridge.

Deep Ellum gets high marks from both me and Alex!

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