Thursday, May 21, 2009

Best laid plans

On August 1, Alex and I will be moving into our new very-own apartment! We found a cute little one bedroom across from a park in between Inman and Central Squares. It’s a pretty sweet place with hard wood floors, granite counters, stainless steel appliances, central heat and AC, and the prettiest little roof deck patio I’ve ever seen. We had originally been looking for a 2 bedroom, but it ended up coming down to either being able to afford a pimped out 1 bedroom or a bare minimum 2 bedroom, and I couldn’t give up the idea of having a dishwasher.

We are really excited to move! Right now we are in the process of inventorying everything we have, browsing furniture sites for cheap cute additions to what we already own (like this in dark turquoise and this), and plotting out our ideas for what the apartment will look like with all of our things in it.

One of our major challenges is space. We love that the new place has quirky little alcoves and slanted ceilings because it gives it a lot of character, but they also prove to be a design challenge. We have a ton of books, movies, and cds so we definitely want lots of shelves. I also have a ton of clothes, even after donating 6 garbage bags full. Lastly, and probably our biggest challenge, will be to find a bedspread we can both agree upon. You’d think they’d make more gender neutral bedspreads; they all seem to be either super manly or floral.


  1. i dig the storage bench.

    also, you could always get crafty and sew a duvet cover with agreed upon fabric!

  2. You guys are putting so much thought into your place! Matt and I are just going to throw all our crap together and figure it out after we move in. The idea of getting a new bedspread hasn't even occured--I figured we'd just mix what we have now.

    We are going to buy a new bed though, so we've put a little thought into this moving-in-together bit. :)

    P.S. Your place looks wicked cute!!